Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Comment On Linda's Banana Island Mansion

Yesterday, Linda Ikeji posted pictures of her new house in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos. She said she bought it for over half a billion Naira. I was among the people that shared the link not necessarily because I was very impressed with the house (and I was pretty much) but because of the inspirational message she added below the pics. I was really inspired and motivated by her message to young girls to believe in God and themselves, not look unto a man to save them from poverty, to be consistent in whatever they are doing. Her statements that struck me most were "you're more powerful than you think" and "when God wants to bless you, he will bless you, even if you're selling toothpick".

Now my advice to the millions that saw her post and have since been making calculations, planning on a change of career or have been depressed thinking they are failures because a 35 yr old female could achieve this and they are 40 just managing to pay rent.

1. We have different assignments and different callings in life. God will judge you based on the fulfillment of the very calling he assigned to you and not because you appeared on Forbes' list. 

2. It is God that gives power to make wealth. Don't be fooled thinking because Linda says she stays up late nights and is up blogging while many are still sleeping, that hardwork and only hardwork is the key to success. God blesses whom he wants to bless. He makes conditions favourable for your success. You can't get favour by hardwork. You can't even get life changing opportunities by hardwork. They say success is when opportunity meets preparation. So your business is to be prepared (hardwork) and leave the rest to God. He lifts people in his time.

3. We have different pathways even to our diverse destinies. For fellow bloggers, don't think because Linda says her breakthrough in blogging began about 5 yrs ago and she's been blogging for almost 9 yrs, that it will take you the same number of years to start making it big. It may take you less or more. When she started blogging her goal was not to make so much money as to buy a mansion in Banana Island. So that should not be your goal either. 

4. Consistency. She mentioned that in her post. I like to say that success doesn't happen over night. Consistency is what gets you there and if you're not passionate about what you do, how can you be consistent? That's why for people thinking on starting blogs because of yesterday's news, think twice. The road to success could be a long boring difficult road. Only the passionate make it to their destination. Remember, it is not necessarily about what you set out to do but about what you're willing to go through (hardwork), your consistency (which is a factor of passion) and God who decides what he wants to do with your life "even if you're selling toothpick".

You may not be on Forbes list, or buy a mansion but you may put many on Forbes list and in heaven, you get your reward based on what you were called to do, not what men celebrated you for. 

See you at the top.

©Radiant~ October 2015

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