Monday, 1 June 2015

An Ordinary Birthday

So I get to write about ordinary days and ordinary events, but have nothing to say of my birthday.

Well, I wasn't woken at 12am with a happy birthday call. The first person to call me wasn't any lover but my mom. I didn't take any pictures. I didn't throw a party for my friends. I didn't get unending calls and my battery didn't run down. I didn't have too many text messages to reply. I didn't go to the movies or a photo studio. I didn't get a car. I didn't get engaged. I didn't make a wish.

So what do I write about?

I woke up healthy. I went to church. I auditioned for a movie. I visited my sister. I ate sweet rice. I watched a movie. I had some calls to answer. I replied texts and fb messages. I received a gift and I said a prayer.

Now I have what to write about. It was an almost ordinary day, but nice. I ate this delicious rice prepared by my sister. It was white rice and vegetable sauce. I had to ask her to teach me how to make it. Here goes the recipe: you fry some smoked fish, use the oil to fry a few diced tomatoes, onions and pepper, season with cubes, curry, thyme and salt,  put one or two eggs and stir, add pumpkin leaves (ugu) and scent leaves. Stir and put back your fish. Boil rice and the food is ready. 

I hope I haven't succeeded in boring you. That was not the plan. Ciao

©Radiant~June 2015
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